Benefits of Atenolol

The Benefits of Atenolol: A Drug For The Treatment Of Anxiety

Atenolol is a drug which has several uses and one of them is relieving anxiety. Anyone who’s ever suffered from an anxiety or panic attack will tell you that the trigger is generally something psychological, a deep fear related to something that happened in their past. However, the symptoms they suffer are genuinely physical – difficulty breathing, a dangerously rapid heart rate, nausea and vomiting, rapidly pounding pulse rate, etc, all of which culminate in a feeling of impending death.

For those who have never suffered a panic attack, it’s difficult to imagine that you could be so terrified by something psychological that you’d physically feel as if you were going to die. But it happens. To many more people than you would think.

People who have panic attacks will tell you that the worst part of all is the feeling that you’re having a heart attack. Their heart literally races so fast that it causes similar pain. Their circulatory system becomes restricted with tension and they can actually hear the blood pounding through their veins. These symptoms are very real and quite often, people suffering anxiety attacks are rushed to the hospital because their symptoms are so closely related to those of heart attack victims.

That’s where Atenolol, a drug for the treatment of anxiety, comes into the picture. Atenolol relaxes the veins which allow blood to circulate properly. It also helps slow down and regulate the heart beat which helps ease the pain of the panic attack.

Atenolol is classified as a beta-blocker which means it blocks signals from the brain. In the case of someone having a panic attack, these signals are what causes the shortness of breath, the rapid heart rate and the increased blood pressure associated with poor circulation.

There has been some discussion in the medical community about the effectiveness versus potential harm associated with using beta-blockers to treat panic attacks. The current preferred method of treatment is to reserve the use of beta-blockers for the most severe attacks and use them in conjunction with other types of treatment, such as positive self-talk and controlled breathing exercises.

The theory is that beta-blockers only work on the physical symptoms of the panic attack and don’t do anything to address the psychological causes, which is why doctors treating anxiety patients prefer to prescribe beta-blockers alongside other forms of treatments.

However, for most people, once they experience a panic attack, the fear of those physical symptoms recurring is often enough to trigger another attack. And each attack gets progressively worse, if left untreated.

If you suffer severe panic attacks, speak to your doctor about Atenolol, a drug for extreme cases of anxiety. One of the best things you can do to curb your attacks is relieve the fear of the physical symptoms of the attack. Once you can eliminate some of that fear, then, using a combination of psychological treatment and beta-blockers will help your overcome your attacks once and for all.

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